This piece of mix media (video, print and sound) was created for the
Salon di Mobili, the largest exhibition of industrial design, architecture and
furniture design in the world.  Interior designer Adam Tihany was
commissioned to create an entrance pavilion, in which he fabricated a
streetscape showcasing ten different hypothetical restaurants made by different
design schools from all over the world.  I was asked to make videos to be
projected on a 120-foot wall at the entrance of t   he pavilion, with a concept
that combined design, food and fashion.  With such a huge exhibition on
such a grand scale, I knew it had to have an immediate impact.  I found
myself thinking about the idea of smashing in cake in the face of everyone who
entered.  Pow!  So we built a rig that pushed food toward the camera
-toward the viewer - and then made kaleidoscopic images of the footage.
 The finished piece was 9 minutes, it contained the kaleidoscopic food
images creating patterns from food, Each sequence began with a sculptor made of
raw ingredients that are making the dish, and then was juxtaposed with an image
of the finished plate intertwined with the kaleidoscopic images that were
representing fabric patterns (fashion). The background music was made of sound
intervals of 30 seconds of maddens in the kitchen and 30 seconds of the quite
murmur and clinging utensils from the front of the restaurant.  


choc wall.jpg
i've built the eiffel tower
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Cointreau Atlantic bouquet
Circle # 1